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Round 71 Has Ended!

Hope you all had a great time! Head on over to the wrap-up post and tell us all about it!

Round 71, Hour 48

Last hour of the round! Go, fic_rush, go go go!

Round 71, Hour 47

Welcome to the last stretch of Round 71! No matter what you're doing, GO FOR IT!!!! Remember, we're all here to cheer you on!

Round 71, Hour 46

And so we come to my last hour modding for this round. It's been quiet, but productive. I have more words in my dinosaur project, and the kitchen is almost clean!

What have you accomplished?

Round 71, Hour 45

Hello my lovelies! How goes the war? Any progress to report?

My dinosaur project is being ornery, but I've managed a couple-hundred new words in the past hour.

Round 71, Hour 44

Hello, and wel%come to Hour 44!

I've pulled out one of my old (very old) projects, blown the dust off it, and am trying to fill in some holes and write the two or three missing scenes I need to finish this dinosaur off.

What are your plans for this hour?

Round 71, Hour 43

This is my last ho^ur of posting for this round!  Hopefully not my last hour of creativity.  I am going to take my current handsewing project ()ALL THE BEADS) and go hang out at the local yarn shop for a couple of hours.

What are you g,o,i,n,g to do?

Round 71, Hour 42

Welc(o)me to Hour 42!  We have all your answers in this hour, along with some excess> punctuation, if y/o/u still need any.

How go the Word War?s?

Round 71, Hour 41

Since this should be my last hour taking care of business, I'll throw a coffee-and/or-beer party for everyone. (Please don't let me have any of it right now, though o.O) That's all I have left in my kitchen, so it's all I can share ^.^

How about you share some words with me in return? =)

Round 71, Hour 40

Where did the last hour go? I merely managed to edit a few pages. *sigh*

Things may have been plotted, determined, written … and even eaten—or so I heard. Very nice. For the next hour, I offer a free cookie for every accomplishment. If it's a great accomplishment, I'll also throw in a cup of coffee ^.^

Round 71, Hour 39

While I successfully procrastinated, I heard news of big bang fics meeting their minimum word count requirements, fics exceeding their expected word counts, and chores—without any word count whatsoever, I assume—being done.

What else do we have? And what are we up to?

Round 71, Hour 38

Hello, friends *waves*

What have I missed during my nap time? Do we have progress? Words, even?

I, for one, will have a hearty second breakfast that's technically my first and occurs a little after lunchtime. Then: words. What are your plans for this fine hour ahead of us?

Round 71, Hour 37

This is my last hour in charge, and I will mostly actually be going out for lunch. But tell me about your achievements, either in words or food, and I will cheer you on when I come back!

Round 71, Hour 36

Another hour has come along - they seem to do that very quickly!

What will you do with it?

Round 71, Hour 35

I am not allowed to make fic until I have done my studying, so I must study diligently. Can you do anything else diligently, or is it one of those words with a very specific habitat?

Are you all finding the right words?

Round 71, Hour 34

Good morning everyone!

So far today I have breakfast, and quite a lot of snow, although I didn't make that. What have you got?

Round 71, Hour 33

One hour has swooshed past!

I've been playing with different name generators, trying to come up with character ideas. It's rather fun, though it's difficult to stop clicking for more names and stick with one. I mean, 'Gall Caedmon', can you get cooler name than that? :D

That's me, how about you?

Round 71, Hour 32

Good morning!

From evening shift to morning shift, I'm modding Fic Rush in a circle! I hope you are not bored about me talking about weather, but it's a pale blue sort of morning here, with -18 C and a flurry of snow. I'm sure it wouldn't feel half as nice as it looks, but let's just rate the aesthetics this time!

How are you?

Round 71, Hour 31

Sqwack! Even the tempting thought of sardines on toast can't keep me from going to sleep with the fishes soon. And yet on other sides of the planet it is time to wake up, and drink coffee and get to writing. What's going on where you're at?

Round 71, Hour 30

Sqwack! It's pretty late here in not-Antarctica. Seems like things are getting quiet, although some wine is helping words floe. Oops, flow. How about you? Are the words gathering like a tidy school of minnows? Or lurking like nasty sea lions?

Round 71, Hour 29

That hour flew by. Unlike some birds who shall remain flightless. How was your hour 28? Get lots done, or getting ready to crash for the night?

Round 71, Hour 28

Phew! I was just about to post last hour when someone dropped a very fishy smelling bag over my head and absconded with me. However, I have escaped their dastardly clutches and I'm here to hear about your progress. Not being nobbled by marine avian fauna I hope? Words are being written and arranged to satisfaction?

Round 71, Hour 27

Hello humans of Earth. It is I, probably not a penguin who has taken Ms. Idlewild hostage and is posting in her place. No, in fact, definitely it is Ms. Idlewild and (squawk) how is fic rush going for you so far? Any fish rushed yet? I mean, fic?

Round 71, Hour 26

I leave you all with this last post, before I slip into 'The Abominable Bride'. I do adore seeing Cumberbatch and Freeman in Victorian period, even as much as I like their contemporary setting. Just fun!

There's a lot of writing going on this Rush, and editing and cogitating and collaborating... I'm proud to be a part of it! Continue, my wonderful writers, and do tell!


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