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Round 74 is over

Drop in on the wrap-up post at the main comm and tell the world how well you've done!

Round 74, Hour 48

One more hour!  Actually, 43 more minutes, becauyse I'm late.

Still time to write ALL the words!!  Or at least some of them!

Round 74, Hour 47

Two hours left!  It's been a rather quiet 'Rush, but there have been definite Words created.  Is anyone still creating out there?

Round 74, Hour 46

Helllloooo, Fic Rush!!

I have had a busy weekend offline, and now I have found my computer again.  It was right where I left it!  Who'd've guessed?

Who's around, what are you up to, and can I have some of whatever Jo is baking right now?

Round 74 Hour 45

I'm baking rhubarb muffins this hour. What are you up to?

Round 74 Hour 44

Hello, and welcome to my second hour of modding for this Round!

My accomplishment this hour is that I made a big batch of Maple-Peanut-Raisin granola. It is delish!

What have you achieved?

Round 74 Hour 43

Hello! Hello!

I see that we have a few hardy souls hard at work! Congrats!

Myself, unfortunately, I need to prioritize cooking over writing today, so I'll be running back-anf-forth between the kitchen and the keyboard for the next three hours.

Sing out to tell me you're here and let me know what you're working on...

Round 74, Hour 42

You have spent a long stretch of Fic Rush with me, thank you for sticking around! I believe there will be another mod to steer the Fic Rush toward the finish line. There is still plenty of completely fine hours left to write, or do other great feats!

Feel free to brag about your achievements in the comments!

Round 74, Hour 41

Sunday keeps moving on, it's funny how it goes (sort of swinging gait, as it was).

I haven't gotten any news words down, but I found one good news: only one week to the start of the new Masterchef:Australia season! If there is one fact to know about me, is that I love Masterchef - but funnily only the Australian version.
Our own version is terribly boring, I must say, Finns do everything rather blankly and properly, it doesn't make a good reality show.

But enough of cooking! Unless, that's what you want to talk about? Come around to the comments! :)

Round 74, Hour 40

It has been an exciting hour here at Fic Rush, all sorts of things have been achieved! I have a few words together, but not quite enough to reach my daily word count. So more writing ahead!

How has your day been?

Round 74, Hour 39

How has your day been? It has been quiet here in Fic Rush, though maybe it's because everyone is busy writing?
I hope everyone is having fun!

Come by the comments to say hello!

Round 74, Hour 38

Looks like I'm continuing my self-usurpation streak :D

I'm getting ready to write by browsing some of my prompt files - hundreds of choices, impossible to pick one. It's the last week of Camp Nano, and I'm determined to get that Camp win this spring - last time I failed rather spectacularly.

How goes your day?

Round 74, Hour 37

There is some serious timey-wimey stuff going on, but fear not! It's all part of the Fic Rush Experience!

How goes the Sunday, whatever the time is at your side of the screen? :D

Round 74, Hour 36

I'm not 100% sure if this hour is mine or not, which means I might be usurping from myself... Fic Rush Inception!

How goes the writing / other projects?

Round 74, Hour 35

It's my last hour here, so what will we do with it? Are things happening? Are you having fun?

Round 74, Hour 34

The words are still hiding from me, but I will hunt them down!

Are you doing any better? Let me know!

Round 74, Hour 33

I have had breakfast, which is progress, and I suppose words should come next.

Is there any progress to report elsewhere?

Round 74, Hour 32

Good morning everyone! I will be here to keep you and your hours company for the next while.

Are you waking up? Going to bed? Doing something productive in between?

Round 74, Hour 31

Round 31 was the lonely one, and I think it might be its turn now? I shall keep hour 31 company!

Round 74, Hour 30

My last hour for this rush! What have you been up to?

Round 74, Hour 29

Last hour brought us scones and stories. Well, it didn't bring me nearly as many scones as I wanted. But still! Scones were achieved. Sleep was approached. What will the passive voice bring us in this hour?

Round 74, Hour 28

Pretty quiet around here right now. Is it because everyone is working away so productively?

Round 74, Hour 27

Woop! My numerically favourite hour. How's it treating you?

Round 74, Hour 26

Hello hello! How is the writing going? We're a good way into the weekend, hope that people are making the progress they want.


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