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Round 77 is over!

It's been a somewhat patchy round, but still, we did it!  Now run over to the wrap-up post on the main comm and tell us wondrous tales of your exploits!

Round 77, Hour 47

Looks like we lost another hour somewhere there.  Possibly it rolled under the bed?

I'm home and sort of awake, and procrastinating like anything.  Anyone else doing the same?

Round 77, Hour 45

Another hour, more words?

Reply and let us know!

Round 77, Hour 44

Big blob of timey-wimeyness was discovered in the last hour, terribly sorry for the time related turbulence on our regular Fic Rush flight schedule :D

Well, I've had a great Sunday with you all, but now I'm headed to bed - hopefully someone will show up to steer the Fic Rush to the finish line :)

One more time with the feeling: come say hello in the comments!

Round 77, Hour 43

Hello from Portugal, where it is unreasonably warm.

I've been having an exciting day involving planes and trams and buses and the seaside (or possibly the riverside), and I've been looking at historical things so I could even call it research! :-)

How are the rest of you getting on?

(Does someone want to check my sums? I don't know where the other hours went, but that's what I make it...)

Round 77, Hour 40

It's the lovely round and even hour of 40!

I managed to win the battle with the printer, and now I've been watching Miss Marple while doing a few more ten minute sprints. I'm only missing 2K from my Camp Nano goal, and since there is still seven days left, I think I can manage. I hope? Fingers crossed!

How was your hour? Come say hi in the comments!

Round 77, Hour 39

I'm caught in a battle of wills with my printer - and I fear the machine is winning! It's been an exciting hour :D Such drama!

Anyway, I have escaped the clutches of the TV land and I'm ready to return to writing.

How was your hour? :)

Round 77, Hour 38

Hello again! It's my 10th hour in a row :D Hope you aren't bored yet!

I got lost in the TV land, how was your hour? Come say hello in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

Round 77, Hour 37

It's the lucky hour 37!

How is everyone doing? I've been caught up with the boring chores, such was washing the dishes and vacuuming. Blah. But since that's done now, I can return to the writing. Camp Nano goal, here I come! :D

How has your Sunday gone?

Round 77, Hour 36

I'm having ice cream! That's the good news. The bad news is that I didn't have much luck with the words this hour.

How is everyone else doing? Come say hi in the comments! :)

Round 77, Hour 35

Hello, how is your Sunday going?

I'm typing away and slowly but surely I'm reaching my Camp Nano goal. Good thing too, I got a lot of zero days on a row last week - but these things happen in Camp :D You have to keep writing!

Round 77, Hour 34

I'm back! And I got lunch! Also ice cream, because phew it was hot outside >.<

I got the timer ready, so I'm ready to start a new sprint with words. :)

Come say hi in the comments!

Round 77, Hour 33

Lunch is postponed, because I realized that my fridge is pretty much empty - I'm heading to the grocery store as we speak.

But don't let my momentary absence stop you from commenting! If you are awake, that is. Otherwise, keep on dreaming :D

Round 77, Hour 32

It's time for a coffee break for me, and I'm thinking about lunch.

I switched fics, and now I'm working on a worldbuilding bit. What would be a good music track for that? Something funny and smart, I feel like. Postmodern Jukebox maybe?

It's not raining but it's not as heatwave-y as predicted either, so I'm counting that as a win :D

How is your Sunday going?

Round 77, Hour 31

Hello, hello! Anyone awake yet?

I'm still doing my ten minute writing sprints, though I have to admit that I tend to take fifteen minute break in between - maybe not the most efficient technique, but there is words so it must work! :D

Round 77, Hour 30

I got some words! Not that many yet, but I'm hoping that by the end of the day I shall have more! Hundred words at the time, I will eventually reach thousand. I think. I'm terrible at math :D

Next scene is of romantic nature, so I think I'll switch the music list to tango, that almost makes the romantic gestures easier to write. It's the passion!

Round 77, Hour 29

I have coffee, clutter free space to write and some music, I think I'm good to start writing! Oh, and a timer! That's missing. Ten minute blocks should be a good way to start...

The weather forecast is promising a heatwave and thunderstorms, with my luck we will only get the heat, not the thunder :( But the forecast keeps changing, I don't think they really know which way the rain front is moving. Fingers crossed :D

Round 77, Hour 28

Good morning!

I've promised to myself that I will write today - it's seven days until the end of Camp Nano, and I'm so close to a win, I can't give up now.

I'm going to start by making coffee, clearing out the desk and finding something good to listen from Spotify.

If anyone is awake, come by to say hello!

Round 77, Hour 27

Wow, it is way past my bedtime! Encouraging writerly writers feels so...right!
So, bait the traps, catch those muses, tickle them until they inspire you, and write, write, Write! And then come here and tell me about it.

Round 77, Hour 26

It's quiet out there, but I can still hear the soft scrape of pens on paper, the clickity-clack of gnawed-nails on keyboards. Confess your acts of writing to me!

And be a dear, pass the scones.

Round 77, Hour 25 and 1/2

Lost power for a while, and here I am trying to catch up. Anyone writing? Eating cookies? Wrestling penguins?

Round 77, Hour 23

Happy Fic_Rush!  I'm a bit discombobulated with a bad eye, today. I'll keep it open for an hour at least. Who's writing and who's thinking about writing?

Round 77, Hour 22

...whatever, I'm just resigned to the fact that my internal clock is a half hour off from the rest of the world #sorrynotsorry

anywho, I got a full figure drafted, which means time to celebrate with doing nothing! is there anything else to celebrate?

Round 77, Hour 21

Dear Xavia,

You're off.


PS I got the top half of one of the boys drafted, and I've heard reports of words! What other noteworthy events shall I recount?


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