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Fic Rush is over!

Drop in on the main comm and tell us all the wonderfulness you accomplished this weekend!  By formal decree, coffee counts.  Also knitting (and crochet).

Round 79, Hour 48

THIS IS YOUR FINAL HOUR.  Use it well!  And do go right on writing or otherwise being creative afterwards.  We left quite a few hours unused back there, so do pick one up before you leave!

Round 79, Hour 47

Usurpation? Anyway, the end is nearly upon us, so make sure your seats and traytables are in their upright and locked positions, and whatever you do, DON'T STOP WRITING!

Round 79, Hour 46

I have got as far as taking out the book I'm supposed to be writing about. That's not very far, really...

I'm also finding the Yuletide tagset and its comments quite distracting. Are you thinking about Yuletide? Nanowrimo? Other challenges? Odd fandoms no one else has heard of?

Round 79, Hour 45

Research is going swimmingly; I think I've almost placed where I want to situate my fic in terms of canon! Where is your fic right now? Or have hordes of daisies run off with it?

Round 79, Hour 44

Y'all, we are getting so much done! There's been editing, eating, research-- look at us go! Perhaps this hour will also be fruitful? Mmm...fruit...

Round 79, Hour 43

Loljk, I took a shower, but now I'm ready to write! And I... am... yes! Document opened! Quick, my penguin assistants, writing stations!

Round 79, Hour 42

Whoops, my bad, got distracted. But I'm back now and ready to write! How goes things? Are the distracticons in your corner of the galaxy?

Round 79, Hour 41

Good Morning Krusty Krew!

I figured I should usurp at some point seeing as I've been lurking for a bit, so here I am! Anyone getting any writing done? I have several pieces I need to work on but I can't decide which one to start with :P

Round 79, Hour 40

Hour 40 is dedicated to coffee - delicious, chocolate flavored coffee! Also, I have some words, not that many - it's more like a list of random ideas. But you never know when you need an idea, right?

How is your Sunday going?

Round 79, Hour 39


I lost an hour there, sorry about that! I got caught watching television (and doing the dishes, boo). But alright, how about some writing? :D It's a noble goal!

How is your Sunday going?

Round 79, Hour 37

Hello Fic Rush!

I got some words together! What a feeling! :D

I hope your Sunday has been fun and entertaining, come by the comments to say hi!

Round 79, Hour 36

Hello again!

I found a lot of pens as I cleaned my desk - it's such a mystery how you can have both too many AND too few pens at the same time.

So, now that I have pen and paper, I suppose there's nothing really stopping me from writing something. Let's give it a bold go!

How are you? :)

Round 79, Hour 35

Hello all those who are awake and those who are not!

It started raining, so now it's sort of perfect autumn afternoon. Except that instead of writing, I've taken up cleaning up my desk. I don't know why, but here were are.

How is your Sunday going?

Round 79, Hour 34

Good morning Fic Rush!

I have coffee & cake (ooh, the luxury!), and I want to start looking up ideas for NaNoWriMo - only a month or so left to prepare and I'm not ready yet! It always seems to sneak up on you, November.

How is your Sunday going?

Round 79, Hour 33

This is feeling like it's going to be my last hour, as I'm starting to get sleepy. But I'm still awake enough to mod Hour 33, which is a nice, symmetrical-feeling hour. It's friendly. Why not come in and introduce yourself to it?

Round 79, Hour 32

Welcome, welcome, Hour 32! Are you heading off to bed, or just getting up? Or are you fast asleep?

(If you're fast asleep, how are you surfing the internet?)

Round 79, Hour 31

I am here, just in time for . . . well, probably no one else. The East Coast of North America has gone to bed, and Europe probably isn't awake yet. But I am awake! And lo, I bring to you Hour 31.

Time for a relaxing cup of tea, and maybe I'll even open up that WIP.

Round 79, Hour 30 and maybe more

As we wend our way into the night, I contemplate my bed.  Across the ocean, Europe will soon begin to stir.  Hopefully there will be 'Rushers waking up to fresh creativity!

Round 79, Hour 28

Well, I've added a few stitches to my project, although not nearly as much as I'd like to achieve before I sleep.

Anyone else still plugging along?  Going off the tracks?  Stopping to refuel?

Round 79, Hour 27

I'm back from my evening activities, fed and happy and hoping to get a little more creative activity in before I fall asleep.

Anyone else around?  Whatcha doing?

Round 79, Hour 23

Helloooo?  Yes, we're still here.  Are you here?

Round 79, Hour 18

Hello hello!
How has your Saturday been? Hopefully full of fun and greatness, as only the Fic Rush weekend can be!

Come say hello in the comments!

Round 79, Hour 17

I had a long day, so now I'm relaxing with a cup of tea and some cookies. A great way to spent the evening! How has your day been? Come say hi in the comments!


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