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Round 83 has ended!

Head on over to the main comm and let us know how you fared this round!

Round 83, Hour 48

It is upon us, the last hour of regulation play in this Round. Write like the wind!! I for one was able to accomplish a solid 100 words last hour. I believe in you! (And, of course, if you need more fic rush fun, there were a few hours lost to the void in there you can time-travel to as it suits your fancy)

Round 83, Hour 47

I hear words are in sight! Meanwhile I'm learning a lot about healthcare in Canada. Truly a productive couple of hours for us. What other deeds have you to report?


Round 83, Hour 46

It seems we're all stuck in the voids, but there are still three hours left to emerge victorious. I have faith! And glowsticks! Strategies?


Round 83, Hour 45


well, I'm here, I was gonna start writing but got distracted by researching Canada. Have the research voids claimed you as well, or are words appearing?


Round 83, Hour 44

Hello hello,

This will be my last hour for the round, I have to go to bed because I have an early morning tomorrow. Oh, Monday, why so early?

I managed a good chunk of words today, so thank you Fic Rush for your help! I hope you had a good Sunday as well, come say hello in the comments!

Round 83, Hour 43

One hour almost escaped again, but I caught it! Here it is, the shiny 43!

How goes your Sunday, Fic Rush?

Round 83, Hour 42

More hours have escaped! Please bring them back if you find them and we'll bank them for next round or something.

I've had a rest and now I'm not sure what I'm doing - how about you?

Round 83, Hour 40

It's the hour 40, there's only 8 hours left of Fic Rush!

How has your Sunday been? Some writing, some other project? Hopefully it has been fun and relaxing time!

I'm still writing away, but come say hello in the comments!

Round 83, Hour 39

Hello Fic Rush!

I'm back to writing after a short trip to the grocery store. I still need a good chunk of words, but I'm bit hazy about where this story is headed. Well! Time to throw something surprising in the story, like penguins? :D

How goes your Sunday, Fic Rush?

Round 83, Hour 38

I have now posted my fic! \o/ How is the writing going with everyone else? The silence of this round is eerie and I fear the penguins have eaten us all...


Round 83, Hour 36

I got distracted from my watching and started poking around in history instead, but never mind.

Are you less distractable?

Round 83, Hour 35

Hello fic_rush! This morning I am mostly doing watching and commenting, but that's only another way of making fannish words!

What are your plans?

Round 83, Hour 34

Yikes, hour 34 almost slipped past!

I was vacuuming and listening to a stand-up comedy from Spotify - yes, I still need about 600 words today, and I'm going to get going with that. Soon. After lunch?

Also, the cookie was delicious :D
How goes your Sunday, Fic Rush?

Round 83, Hour 33

It's the lucky hour 33!

I didn't manage any words this time around, but I washed the dishes and the laundry is running, so that's an achievement.

I'm also contemplating between tea and the third cup of coffee - and I found a cookie! Very fortunous indeed :D

How is your Sunday going, Fic Rush?

Round 83, Hour 32

First 200 words achieved!

I also had some breakfast and more coffee, but soon I have to do some boring chores - I'll do them quick so I can get on with the next 200 words.

The weather is brightening, and it might even be sunny soon. Lovely!

How is your Sunday going?

Round 83, Hour 31

Good morning, FicRush!

I did some Nano inspired math: if I do half-Nano speed of 833 words a day, I should hit 10K in 12 days. Which would be nicely within the deadline!

And 833 isn't much, right? Few 200 word chunks, and there it is!

How is your Sunday going, FicRush?

Round 83, Hour 30

did you know that April is also Camp Nano month? I had totally forgotten about that! It might be a good idea to merge the Big Bang panic and the Camp Nano fun together, that way I might get the fic finished in more speedy fashion.

Hopefully, maybe.

How was your hour? The fog has lifted here!

Round 83, Hour 29

Good morning FicRush!

I woke up to a foggy morning - I can barely see across the street, the fog is so thick and milky white. Looks beautiful though.

I have coffee and big writing plans for today - I signed up for a Big Bang back in December, and I have barely written anything for it yet, and the deadline looms in April. Uh oh.

But you'll help me, won't you Fic Rush?

Round 83, Hour 28

Whee! Hour 28! Time is ticking away, are you tapping away at the keyboard? Or just waking up for a nice cuppa?

Round 83, Hour 27

AHHHH I almost missed this hour entirely. Screaming into the void, hoping there's a muse somewhere out there. How bout you?

Round 83, Hour 26

And now for a non-usurped post! Welcome to Hour 26. I am exhausted and lying on my couch watching ancient british television, which I will declare "research" on the grounds that there is almost no fic for it and maybe I will write some.

Round 83, Hour 25

I know it's nearly all the way through this hour but I am swooping in to usurp. Writing? Eating? Sleeping? Poking sleeping muses?

Round 83, Hour 24

… and another hour is gone. I managed a tiny three-sentence-fic, lol. But I heard tales of opening sequences and dancing! What else is good? =)



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