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Round 82 - Hour 48

*drumroll* It's the final...hour.

Time for one last push towards that wordcount! Or have we all fallen asleep? Help us people in timezones where it isn't rapidly approaching midnight...you're our only hope!

Round 82, Hour 47

I should be writing words, but I'm very sleepy.

Is anyone out there doing better? Maybe in lands where it's still afternoon?

Round 82, Hour 46

I am trying to write, but keep procrastinating with various things, including making this post! How is everyone else doing?

Round 82, Hour 45

I meant to write words, but I seem to have been distracted by hats again - and they do need to be done today.

What is distracting you?

Round 82, Hour 44

The amazing hour 44 is here!

I'll head out to bed soon, but you keep writing away, Fic Rush! Good luck with all the projects, and come say hello in the comments!

Round 82, Hour 43

Hour forty-three, and I have yummy tea! (that's a rhyme, right?)

How is it going, Fic Rush?

I'm still locked in a battle with the words, and I'm trying to convince myself that the first draft is supposed to suck, not to get caught up with editing when there is nothing much to edit yet.

Come say hello in the comments!

Round 82, Hour 42

...And now we have landed safely in the hour 42!

I've been gearing up to write something - words would be good, but plain old nonsense would do as well! Sigh. I don't know why writing has been so difficult lately.

Maybe I'll try the word crawl I used back in NaNoWriMo!

What is your plan for the upcoming hour?

Round 82, Hour 41


I think we should be in the hour 41, correct me if I'm wrong!

How is the Sunday going for everyone?

Round 82 - Hour 40

Alright, another hour!

How are we doing? Are words happening? Or are we all doing Sunday afternoon procrastination?

I managed almost 300 words this hour, anyone else got a wordcount to report?

Round 82, Hour 39

(Or I think it is; I think we lost an hour.) How is it going out there, fic_rushers? I am currently contemplating reasons not to write, but perhaps I should just try for a few words after all?

Round 82, Hour 37

This will be my last hour here for a while, because I'm going out for lunch.

Are you eating? Writing? Waking up?

Round 82, Hour 36

4 hats down, but I do keep getting distracted...

Are you getting on any better?

Round 82, Hour 35

Good morning fic_rush!

Before I can write any words today I have to sew up at least 10 tiny hats for smoothie bottles. I'm really wishing I hadn't done rainbow coloured ones with 12 ends to sew in!

How are you getting on with your tasks?

Round 82, Hour 34

Hello, hello!

I got some words! Not quite sure how many, but it looks like a solid amount. Now, if only I knew where this story was headed, it would be great!

I have to leave for work soon, but there's still time to write and get some more words.

Come say hello in the comments!

Round 82, Hour 33

The lucky hour 33!

I think I have approximately hundred words, that's the problem with pen and paper, you have to do the word count yourself!

I think Fic Rush is asleep, so I'll keep writing away, quietly...

Come say hello if you are around! (Shh, not so loud! :D)

Round 82, Hour 32


Oh dear, I forgot to write the hundred words, I got caught up with breakfast. Well, I'll do it now! Look, I have a pen!

Come say hello in the comments!

Round 82, Hour 31

Good morning Fic Rush!

I'm awake, I have coffee, and I have few hours before I have to go to work - this is like a deja vu post from yesterday!

So in that spirit, I'll go and write that 100 words again, like yesterday!

Anybody awake? Come say hello!

Round 82, Hour 24

Good evening, everyone. I managed to put aside my little game and come online for like … we'll see for how long :o)

Is there anyone around? Any penguin incidents? Words? Knitting or sewing? Anything you can report?

Round 82 - Hour 22

*peers around corners*

Hello, hello, anyone else still here?

How has your hour been? Did words happen? Or other things. (I had dinner...) Craft projects? Laundry? Art?

Tell all, in the comments below...

Round 82, Hour 20

It's the lucky hour 20!

I'm writing, but not really - I'm mostly doodling plans how this story I've been thinking about could work. I got the start and vague idea of the middle, but hard to say what the ending could be...

How is it going, Fic Rush? Lots of writing done, I hope?

Come say hello in the comments!

Round 82, Hour 19

Hello, Fic Rush!

How has your Saturday been? Much writing or other projects?

I'm having a lovely cup of tea, and I'm planning to write - I'm sure to take the step to actual writing soon, wish me luck!

Come say hi in the comments!

Round 82 - Hour 18

Hello! How has this hour been fellow rushers?

I managed to write about 500 words! Has anyone else been equally productive? Or productive in other ways? Laundry done? Craft projects progressed? Work shits completed? Penguins corralled?

Round 82 - Hour 17

Alright! I wrote 139 words! Did anyone else get any words out?

(Or other productive things done? Curtains made or laundry done?)

Round 82 - Hour 16

*looks around shiftily*

Usurped! Anyway, how are we all doing this hour?

Mostly I've been eating soup and doing laundry, but I hope to get some more words out shortly!


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