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Round 75 has ended!

Hurry over to the main comm and tell us everything you did!  Well, everything you did for the round.  We don't actually need confessions of your every deed since birth.

Round 75, Hour 48

This is it!  Our final hour!

Is anyone still with me?  If so, this is YOUR hour:  do wonderful things with it!  If not, well, it's still your hour, so do wonderful things with it wherever you are!

Round 75, Hour 47

We approach the end of our diamond jubilee!  But there's still two hours left. What marvels can you accomplish in this time?

Round 75, Hour 46


Status report, galactic allies!

Round 75, Hour 45

Hmm, no sign of Xavia yet?  Which means I can



Round 75, Hour 44

Y'all have inspired me to actually do things I need to do; well that and a rapidly approaching deadline. How about some more inspiration in the form of tales of last hour?!

Round 75, Hour 43

Greetings everyone! I've returned to the modding chair for the next couple hours. How goes things? I've heard rumors of writing; what progress has been made? What other deeds have you accomplished?

Round 75: Hour 42

Tis my last hour here (unless usurping can be a Thing!), so let us make it the best hour yet!

Tell me of your Sunday shenanigans. Whether you are researching, editing, ficcing or doing other Sunday-things. Sound off in the comments and tell me of your Awesomeness!

Tea and coffee are ready for consumption. Commiseration over ficcy things is at the ready. No judgements shall be rendered.

*Squishes Everyone*

Round 75: Hour 41

There has been research!! And unfatal makings of tea!

There has been fiction plotted, nostalgia managed, comments made, scrapbooking achieved and notebooks opened!

I am totally stoked for everyone and so, so thrilled that much has been accomplished (and other things yet to be accomplished have been ruminated upon).

This will be a good hour, methinks.

Let us know of your progress or thoughts and distractions! Beverages and encouragement will be in ample supply!

Round 75: Hour 40

Hello, helloooooo!! I'm finally here. *Taps modem* Yup. Still here whoot!! - I have had my coffee (as such), got a list of chores I am ignoring *chuckles* and two fics that want to be written. I also have four shows that need watching, exercises to do and studying to do.

And chores. Did I mention them?


Hope everyone else is more organized and on the ball than I am this morning! Sound off in the comments! Tell me of you procrastinations and your progresses.

Can always use another shiny distraction!

Round 75, Hour 39

Good morning!   I'm actually awake.  I'm sitting around drinking coffee while Missy and I chatter fannishly about the MCU.  (We saw Civil War yesterday.)

Have you gotten around to writing?  Researching?  Editing?

Round 75, Hour 38, just barely!

Blarghhh.  I overslept.

In my defense I was up late.  I was writing!  I shall write more today!  Are you writing?

Round 75, Hour 37

I heard of words being writing, writing being edited, and laundry being done. Sounds like we have a busy Sunday. Keep up the good work.

Round 75, Hour 36

I received reports of words. Hooray. A little happy dance is in order. Everybody dance now! (And keep producing words, of course.)

I, for one successfully removed the last traces of my roomie of 10 years from this apartment in the past few hours.

Have you removed something today?

Round 75, Hour 35

Good day, everyone *waves* It is I, your Bringer of Coffee. What are we all up to on this lovely Sunday morning? I'm doing some major cleaning which, while not bringing words, brings me thoughts of words. Has anyone actual words?

Round 75, Hour 34

We have arrived to the hour 34th!

I'm not having any luck with the romantic mood in this fic, maybe I should focus on the adventurous side of this story for a change. Sometimes characters just won't kiss, so maybe they want to fight instead! That could be a good tension builder, what do you think?

I hope you are having a great time, come say hello in the comments!

Round 75, Hour 33

It's the magical 33th hour!

Well, I don't know if its magical really, but it could be? Words might line up to neat rows without even trying!

I'm busy throwing obstacles in the way of true love - does that make me a villain? Or just a regular writer?

Come by the comments to talk about your hour!

Round 75, Hour 32

Another hour has swooshed past!

I've managed to open all the files I need, moved few bits around and tried to figure out how to write a dashingly romantic first kiss. Kisses are difficult to write! All my attempts have fallen rather flat.

But maybe I should turn to the classics, and put Pride & Prejudice to the background - that's romantic!

How goes your Sunday? :)

Round 75, Hour 31

Good morning Fic Rush!

It's a sunny morning around here, and I hope you have had a great Fic Rush so far. A diamond anniversary!

My writing plan for the day is to edit a fic for Unconventional Courtship, maybe watch a movie? Strictly for research purposes, of course! :D

What are your plans for today?

Round 75, Hour 30

Hour 30, and with it, my bedtime, has arrived. Have brilliant leaps of intuition landed you close to some sentences and paragraphs that you wanted?

Round 75, Hour 29

A little Diamond Anniversary round inspiration:

Round 75, Hour 28

Super quiet around here. I bet it's quiet enough that the words are all soft and dozy like a sleeping cat, and you could probably sneak up on some and bag them for any little old work in progress you have going on. What do you think?

Round 75, Hour 27

Ah, good old hour 27. It always feels very cuspy to me. Are you on the cusp of a brilliant breakthrough with your work? Or just rolling that stone on up the hill in a sisyphean battle with the blank page? Are there any more metaphors I can mix? Stay tuned to find out.

Round 75, Hour 26

Diamonds are forever, and so is the fame brought about by your writing. What are you doing to secure your place in history this hour?


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