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Round 53 has ended!

Go to the wrap-up post on the main comm and tell everyone how well you did!

Round 53, Hour 48


It has many words to offer!!  Have some!

*until next round, that is.

Round 53, Hour 47

Two hours left!  We have freshly opened documents, and fic getting started, and 120 shiny minutes to fill with free-flowing words!  And there are cookies at the end!

Round 53, Hour 46

The end is in sight!  But there's still plenty of time to accomplish WONDERFUL THINGS.  Have at it!!  Have two, if you like!

Round 53, Hour 45

My eggies are boiling; deviled eggs, here we come!

...and I've done nothing on my fic #oops

Perhaps you're faring better?

Round 53, Hour 44

Whoops, my b, the shower was calling.

How goes it?

Round 53, Hour 43

I've fallen into the canon-checking research vortex, please send galactic troops to rescue me (and also a progress report on your interstellar endeavours).

Round 53, Hour 42

Why hello there! How goes it? Mind giving me the Previously On... of what's happened while I was asleep?

Round 53, Hour 41

All right, this is my last hour.  Come and tell me what's going on.  :)

Round 53, Hour 40

And another hour down.  How are things going?  Writing away?

Round 53, Hour 39

All right, another hour down.  Come and tell me how things are going.

Round 53, Hour 38

All right, good morning fellow fic-rushers!  I have coffee and a half-finished smutty fic on my hands.  How are things going with all of you?

Round 53, hour 37

We have reports of people being tea-fueled and productive!! Is it starting to be a trend?

Round 53, hour 36

This hour is brought to you by the utter lack of words or anything else useful. Has anyone managed to be more productive than me?

Round 53, hour 35

This hour was distracted by tea. Was it any less distracted for you?

Round 53, hour 34

Hello Rushers! I'll be your host for the next few hours. How goes the search for words?

Round 53, Hour 33

This post is late because.... I was distracted by dinner :D Oh well.

Let me know how your hour went :D

Round 53, Hour 32

... It would appear that I'm having no luck remembering to post. Oh well I'm only 8 minutes late. That's not so bad :D To be fair though I was marking papers.

So tell me how your hour went :D

Round 53, Hour 31

Hi all!

I was meant to take over last hour but I was running late. Luckily I was usurped though so it didn't matter :D

That's how my last hour went, tell me, how did your hour go?
I hear we're in need of some usurpation? I don't think I've ever usurped before so I'm just going to throw jelly and ice cream at you all and see what sticks. I've got one of those "how's my usurpation?" stickers on the back of this post so feel free to ring the number and let me know what flavour jelly you got covered in!

Round 53, Hour 29

Another hour has passed, and people have been hard at work. How's your wordcount for the weekend coming?

My last hour; I shall be interested in the morning to see if an usurpation follows.

Round 53, Hour 28

The universe would like to announce that any statements made on its behalf during the last hour were in fact invalid. The universe is not a person, and reserves the right to stomp petulantly at being anthropomorphized in order to further your writing goals. To make it up to the universe, you should definitely write more this hour.

Round 53, Hour 27

Hour 27, and all's clear. The universe has told me (it was very quantum) that there is nothing that you need to be doing in Hour 27 that is more important than writing. Unless it's revising.

Round 53, Hour 26

No usurping this one! I'm on deck ready to judo chop anyone who wants to try anything! Which of course leaves you usurpers with lots of time to write, right?