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Round 51 is over!

It is time to close the laboratory doors, sweep up the broken glass and spilled Special Effects, and lock the gates of Area 51 again.  Next month, Area 52 awaits!

Be sure to go to the wrap-up post on the main comm and brag about your magnificent and heroic deeds!

Round 51, Hour 48

One more hour!  We've had a lively miniature explosion of wordage in the last hour.  Clearly, LJ was all clogged up and the reboot has unclogged the words again.  Let's get as many of the little suckers as we can now!

Round 51, Hour 47

Two hours to go!  We have fought off the barbarians and barred the virtual gates.  Time for drinks and festivation!  Also, for more writing.

Round 51, Hour 46

*bashes on LJ*  LET ME IN!!!!

Haha!!  We have LJ again!  It's been a while since we had a service interruption during a round.  Another alien attack!

Anyone else still here?  *digs into rubble*

Round 51, Hour 45

Can I interest anyone in fruit or dessert?  Perhaps some words for the road?

Speak now or forever hold your horses.

Round 51, Hour 44

How is everything over here?  Can I get you some more inspiration?  For tonight's entertainment, we have the Imperial Troupe of Performing Unicorns, I've heard they're quite something.

Ah!  I'll get you another basket of words right away!

Round 51, Hour 43

Our special today is roasted sea-weevil with pickled-fish-lips in a camelberry glaze.

Although I always recommend the grilled cheese.

And as always, all-you-can-eat words!

Round 51, Hour 42

Good morning Krusty Krew!  I'm Xavia, I'll be your mod for the next few hours.  Can I get you something to drink?  Maybe a nice cup of inspiration? Or vodka?  Why not both!

Round 51, Hour 41

All right, this is my last hour with all of you as a mod.  I'm working on an artwork pinch-hit.  Come and tell me how the hour is treating all of you. 

Round 51, Hour 40

So I was going to write but then the Swan Queen Big Bang started revealing fics so now I'm just reading fic.  How is this hour treating all of you?

Round 51, Hour 39

All right, another hour down.  We've got some people writing, I've got more coffee, and things are happening.  Tell me how it's going, you guys.

Round 51, Hour 38

Good morning!  I've got coffee, breakfast, and Another Cinderella Story (don't judge) on in the background.  How is this hour treating everyone?  Are words happening?  Research?  Come and tell me about it.

Round 51, hour 37

Another hour past. Do we have words to report or am I going to have to let the alien fish on the loose again?

Round 51, hour 36

We have reports of words!! All hail the words!!

How was this hour for you?

Round 51, hour 35

Okay so this hour was brought to you by tea and a chocolate carrot but no words. Did you have any better luck?

Round 51, hour 34

Morning all! I think I have managed to escape the black hole that was yesterday and I hope to get some writing done after I go searching for tea.

How has this hour been for you?

Round 51, Hour 33

This is my last hour in Area 51. I mean Round 51. I mean... I was never here in this top secret lab and neither were you. We've been writing. Please look at this rather interesting looking pen I've been writing with...


So... how did the writing go?

Round 51, Hour 32

I managed to get a fic finished - do you think if I threw it into the black hole of timey-whimey-ness, the gods of fic rush would let my last two hours fall in the right places?

What about you, any projectile words in your hour?

Round 51, Hour 31

I look away for a few seconds to get some writing done and there's been a mass exodus to Bedfordshire. I wish I'd known, I missed the bus there and could have done with a lift. Anyone? I can pay in words...

Round 51, Hour 30

Good Morning, fic rush, this is the overlord of timey-whimey-ness talking... Write me fic! It helps keep the hours in the right order ;)

Round 51, Hour 29

My last hour of posting for the night, which is good, because I am very groggy.  Help yourself to some grog, if you like.

Round 51, Hour 28

I have achieved -- let's see -- 17 words, and completed a special Easter LOL for tomorrow.  And eaten dinner.  And cleaned up a couple of folders that my cloud sync suddenly decided to fill up with stuff I had discarded at least four times already.  *headdesk*  I have turned the damned sync off for now.  *sinks the sync*

Maybe that was an alien invasion of my folders . . .

Round 51, Hour 27

Another hour gone!  I haven't written anything yet, but I have posted various pretty things.  Now I am about to write words on pretty pictures.  Does that count?

Round 51, Hour 26

Welcome to Hour 26!  We return you to your regularly scheduled alien invasion . . .

. . . oh, hang on.  That's not an alien.  It's a camel.

Maybe it's an alien camel.

Maybe all camels are aliens.

Think about it.