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Round 78, Hour 48


As we prepare to bid farewell to Round 78, tell us how you are spending our last minutes together.

Round 78, Hour 47

We're coming to the end of Hour 47! All hands and feet inside fic_rush as we approach . . .

HOUR 48!!!

Who shall usurp it? The suspense!

Round 78, Hour 46

I'm thinking about bed, but I'm going to have one last effort at getting a post finished first...

Is it morning, noon or night for you? What are you getting done?

Round 78, Hour 45

We have Typing, and Finished Fic, and Usurping, and Surfing of the Internet, and Lunch! What else shall we add to our community's list of accomplishments for Hour 45?

Round 78, Hour 44

Got it in with 10 minutes to go!

Round 78, Hour 43

Did I usurp correctly? No matter, I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm hungry, so while I rustle up some lunch, how about you catch me up on what I missed this season on Fic Rush?

Round 78, Hour 42

Is this hour the answer to everything? (It'll feed me dinner, at least!)

Let us know of any answers you've found.

Round 78, Hour 41

*pops in*


About to pop out again for lunch -- after which I will FINALLY get time to do something creative!

Round 78, Hour 40

Better late than never, as they say...

I've been playing with pictures rather than words, so if I could count them at the rate of 1000 each I'd be doing quite well - but I still need the words too, sadly.

Is there anything else to report?

Round 78, Hour 39

Ah, nothing like the sweet smell of usurpation in the morning!

I has coffeee.  Cofffffeeeeeeee.  What has you?

Round 78, Hour 38

We have people waking up and arriving in fic_rush, and this is a good thing!

Are you joining us? Let us know what you're up to :)

Round 78, Hour 37

I have returned home, and eaten lunch, and now there shall be words!

Are you eating lunch or breakfast? Going out or coming in? Making words or other things?

Round 78, Hour 36

It is I, the bringer of coffee and chocolate cake, who has come to anchor you as promised.

Or, you know, something =D

What's good, folks? What's going on out there? Got all your penguins in a row?

Round 78, Hour 34

Good morning Campers!

Is anyone else awake and writing, or am I alone in splendid European isolation?

Going to make some breakfast just now, anyone else joining me in writing or breakfasting?

Round 78, Hour 32

Heading off to bed, but here's another post to keep us all company in the nether hours, until someone shall awaken and post.

Round 78, Hour 31

Hello! I've been gone all day, but now I'm back and see my chance to usurp an hour during our fine usurp-a-thon!

The 31 will go nicely with the hours I already own. I wonder if I can level up now?

Round 78, Hour 26

I'm away to my bed, but I wanted to leave you a last post before I went to keep you all going through the darkest watches of the night! (Or at least until some night owl in another timezone joins us...) I've managed about 1400 words this evening...how have the rest of you got on?

Round 78: Hour 24

Hello, hello Fic Rushers!!! So how goes it? Are we writing up a storm? Fixing dinner? Researching? Thinking about writing up a storm?

Sound off in the comments! There may be cookies (as long as they don't ruin your dinner)...

Round 78, Hour 23

A very late post for this hour, but how goes everyone's hour anyway...? Surely North America should be awake and writing by this time?!

Round 78, Hour 22

Another hour down and I even managed to get some words out! (Only about 250 of them but words!)

How was everyone else's last hour?

Round 78, Hour 21

*look around curiously* Is this thing on?

I'm sitting down with some tunes, some pink wine and a pile of writing prompts - how are the rest of you?

Round 78, Hour 16

Aha!  I get hour 16 as well!

I'm about to leave for errands, including getting little storage thingies so I can sort all my suddenly mushrooming stash of beads and things that sparkle.

Whacha doing, Rushers?

Round 78, Hour 15


But I'll share it!

Round 78, Hour 13

It occurs to me I'm the only one who's sort of around. Ahem.

Anyone? Hello?

Can I bribe you with delicious, home-made chocolate cake?


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