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Round 35, Hour 30

Sorry this is a little late but I fell asleep last hour. I remember watching Stargate SG1 and then all of a sudden some weird dark show, that looks like it's about vampires, is on. I should check SyFy's TV guide cause I thought Stargate Atlantis was going to be on. Oh well. Anyway. Tell how your hour went whilst I wash the sleep from my eyes :D And, as always enjoy these gifs (expect you can't enjoy my motivational penguin because you were suppose to enjoy it last hour :D Why do I say this? Cause it's the first gif I see in photobucket account :D)





fic rush clock
48 hours of hair-pulling and fic-writing.


This is a side-community for fic_rush. If you've wandered in here on accident, you'll want to go there instead. Here we post the hourly posts during fic_rush rounds.

If you're with fic_rush and have just shown up, you should post in the most recent hourly post.


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