Round 83, Hour 48

It is upon us, the last hour of regulation play in this Round. Write like the wind!! I for one was able to accomplish a solid 100 words last hour. I believe in you! (And, of course, if you need more fic rush fun, there were a few hours lost to the void in there you can time-travel to as it suits your fancy)
  • a_q

Round 83, Hour 44

Hello hello,

This will be my last hour for the round, I have to go to bed because I have an early morning tomorrow. Oh, Monday, why so early?

I managed a good chunk of words today, so thank you Fic Rush for your help! I hope you had a good Sunday as well, come say hello in the comments!
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Round 83, Hour 40

It's the hour 40, there's only 8 hours left of Fic Rush!

How has your Sunday been? Some writing, some other project? Hopefully it has been fun and relaxing time!

I'm still writing away, but come say hello in the comments!
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Round 83, Hour 39

Hello Fic Rush!

I'm back to writing after a short trip to the grocery store. I still need a good chunk of words, but I'm bit hazy about where this story is headed. Well! Time to throw something surprising in the story, like penguins? :D

How goes your Sunday, Fic Rush?